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Ken Daniels
Gout Control Founder & Director


My name is Ken Daniels and I was a long time gout sufferer.

I experienced my first gout attack at age 30 and I was convinced it couldn’t be gout. I wasn’t overweight, I didn’t drink a huge amount of alcohol (perhaps 1-2 beers a week), I didn’t eat any shellfish (a classic gout trigger) and only ate red meat 2-3 times per week.

It couldn’t be gout. I was too young, I didn’t fit the typical demographic.

I was in denial.

My first gout attack was reasonably minor (I’ve since learned) and I put it down to tendonitis in my foot. 

The gout flare up subsided over a couple of days and I put it behind me…

…only to be hit by a much more severe attack a few months later.

It was Christmas and with the festive season comes an excess of delicacies. In my case it was a sugar overload. Who can resist chocolate log?!

I went and had a chat to my doctor who quickly diagnosed me with gout and gave me a prescription for Allopurinol and Colchicine.

I asked how long I had to take those for.

“Forever” he replied.

I hopped out on crutches, stunned that I was only 30 and now had to take prescription drugs for the rest of my life.

Prescription Drugs

I started on my new regime of prescription drugs and found some relief with Colchicine but experienced some very bad side effects where I was on the toilet for a large portion of the day (sorry for the mental image!).

Allopurinol initially made things worse (an expected side effect) and triggered a massive gout attack within the first 2 weeks. I persevered and my gout pain eventually subsided after around 5 weeks.

Luckily I didn’t experience any outward side effects from Allopurinol, but I wasn’t interested in waiting to find out.

I had to find a solution that was natural.

A Natural Alternative

Extensive research and trial and error pointed to positive experiences with a number of natural ingredients.

Over the course of 4 years I experimented with a number of natural alternatives and after thousands of dollars and hundreds of bottles of supplements later, landed on a combination which I felt was the most beneficial to keep uric acid levels under control.

I stopped taking Allopurinol and found success with all natural ingredients such as Tart Cherry, Celery Seed, Chanca Piedra and a few others, however at one stage I was taking 20 capsules per day which wasn’t much fun, not to mention being prohibitively expensive and not sustainable over the long term.

Developing Gout Control Advanced

After finding something that worked for me, I decided to package it all up into an affordable, easy to take supplement.

Gout Control Advanced was born, a potent combination of 14 natural ingredients that support your body in it’s quest for healthy uric acid balance.

Only when your body has flushed out the excess uric acid that causes painful gout can you truly be pain free.

Gout Control Advanced was designed in New Zealand and is manufactured by a leading FDA and GMP certified lab in the USA.

I’ve gone from 3-4 excruciating flare ups per year to being gout free for 4 years and counting.

If you’re ready to try the ultimate all natural solution, Gout Control Advanced is for you.

I provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If Gout Control Advanced doesn’t improve your quality of life simply send the bottle back for a no questions asked refund.

Stay Healthy,


Ken Daniels

Gout Control Founder & Managing Director