All vegetables are fine to eat when monitoring your gout problem, even those which are high in purine content.

Research in 2012 established no correlation between vegetables with high purine content and gout, possibly because the beneficial compounds in vegetables offset the negative effects of purines.

If you want to be extra vigilant however, it may pay to limit vegetables in the Moderation Zone below.

Safe Zone

All vegetables not mentioned in the Moderation Zone below are fine to eat in any quantity.

Vegetables are a great way to give your body the nutrition and support it needs to fight excess uric acid.

Moderation Zone

Vegetables in the Moderation Zone for gout contain on average 50-150mg of purines per 100g

While generally fine to eat given the benefits outweigh the risk, if you’re being extra vigilant about limiting purines in your diet you may want to moderate your intake of these vegetables.




Brussel Sprouts





Danger Zone

Vegetables in the Danger Zone for gout contain on average over 150mg of purines per 100g

No vegetables fall into the Danger Zone.


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